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Folklore 1 is closed!

For 28 years I had the pleasure of working at the beautiful and unique store, Folklore 1. For many of those years I was privileged to work along side Gail as the buyer of jewellery and accessories. We traveled often to Toronto, New York and Mexico in search of beautiful items for the store. Folklore 1 closed it’s doors last summer, and like so many of it's customers, I was extremely sad to say good bye!  With it’s interesting folk art, its popular lines of clothing and its exceptional choices in silver jewellery, Folklore was a store where you could always find a treasure. Basically I grew up at the store, had my 2 children ( I was 5 months...

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Welcome/ Bienveune

Hi my name is Cynthia. I’ve been a jewellery buyer for a number of years now. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of beautiful jewellery. Some with gems, some without. High end and pricey, ethnic, made locally, beautiful, modern and made in Mexico. I’ve been fortunate that way. Meanwhile, I make it too. My line is comfortable, easy to wear. A little bit different, made here in Quebec,Canada. Everyone says its like zen jewellery. You have to try it on. It’s very wearable and feminine and somewhat delicate. Anyway you can see for yourself. By the way, Cinnibar is the red coloured ore of mercury. It was used to make the red pigment in chinese laquer. It’s no longer...

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Polishing Silver Jewellery

 For my first post I thought it would be appropriate to talk a bit about sterling silver.  I mainly work with sterling as gold is pretty expensive. More about gold later. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and the other 7.5% is an alloy, usually copper. The copper is a dirty metal and the culprit that causes your silver jewellery to tarnish. So what can you do about tarnish? First of all keep your silver jewellery in an air tight container. A zip lock bag works fine. It's not pretty but it works.( Check out the jewellery  pouches for sale on the site as a more attractive alternative.) Just don't leave your jewellery lying around exposed to air and humidity. Usually...

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