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With the reopening of most services I am once again able to get the materials I need. However as the postal service may be slow, the length of time it takes to get your product, may be longer than usual. Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe and well!!

Cynabar Silver Jewellery About Us

It is my hope to make exquisite pieces of artisanal jewellery. Pieces that will be easy to wear and that will last a lifetime.It takes time and patience to carefully craft each piece but I am passionate about the process. If it speaks to you, I hope you will choose a piece of jewellery from Cynabar.

What are some of my inspirations? Modern paintings, dance, organic shapes, ethnic jewellery, Japanese textiles, nature, sterling silver and rough cut gem stones.

 I like simple delicate pieces. Several things worn layered together, or sometimes one statement piece.

A lot of my energetic focus has been concentrated on my students. Working as a Jewellery Instructor for over 2 decades has kept me learning and evolving.

Cynabar Jewellery has also been strongly influenced by the varied tastes of my 2 daughters and muses and by the fact that I was a jewellery buyer sourcing product for several years.

Now, I make my own silver jewellery to be worn, collected and enjoyed. I am passionate about making artisanal silver jewellery that is beautiful as well as wearable.

My team includes photographers, Anthony Mclean and Polina Terleeva. Francois Tremblay and Samuel Cormier provide translation.