Cynabar Jewellery

Cynabar Jewellery combines luxurious materials with whimsical design to create intriguing pieces of wearable art. Treat your self and you will have something to treasure forever.

In my early twenties, I was studying modern dance in New York City. This was the eighties and New York was wild and exciting and I loved it. Eventually, though, I moved back to Canada and ended up in a dance company where I met my husband. We moved to Montreal, Quebec and had 2 children, thereby becoming a family and instigating a change in our career paths.

I made a switch from dance to silversmithing taking courses while the girls were growing up. In the beginning, I was working primarily with beads which I adored. As I studied, I progressed to working with precious metals and gemstones.

My friends and family were supportive and I loved the process so much that eventually, I began to teach. I've taught my students the art and craft of jewellery making for many years now. At the same time, I worked for 2 decades with a local boutique helping them to source their jewellery and accessory lines and I developed my own line of silver jewellery.

I created in order to share some of my best selling production pieces, some of my more limited series work and most recently and excitingly for me, my one of a kind pieces.

Cynabr will continue to be a work in progress for as long as I have the inspiration to create and the ability to keep learning and working.

So check back often as I will be adding to the collections as I create the work.

Bijoux en Argent Cynabar et Accessoires Tendances

La boutique est l'endroit où vous trouverez d'intrigantes gammes de bijoux contemporains en argent! 

Cynthia est acheteuse professionnelle en joaillerie à Montréal, Québec, depuis vingt ans. En tant que joaillière, elle a également développé sa propre gamme de bijoux en argent et enseigné l'art de l'orfèvrerie auprès des jeunes designers. De plus, elle travaille dans une boutique locale afin d'y présenter des gammes de bijoux et d'accessoires.

En tant qu'acheteuse, Cynthia a parcouru les salons du Canada, des États-Unis et du Mexique. La boutique est né pour partager sa propre gamme de bijoux, de même.

Revenez nous visiter souvent car Cynthia offrira des bijoux uniques comme elle les fabrique.